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Hillside Home Candle Co.

At Hillside Home Candle Co., it’s all in the family! Everything we create has been influenced or created by a family of creative individuals. Everyone’s unique contribution is what makes our candles so special. My wife is the original designer of our candles and spent many years perfecting and studying the candle making process. She as well as her three adult daughters and one teenaged daughter collaborate on design, scents, and product choices. They are a very creative group and their individual strengths join together to create amazing products.  I take care of the logistics of producing our candles, ensuring that we can produce the girl’s designs efficiently and still maintain our company principle of hand pouring our candles in small batches. You can be assured that  the candle you are purchasing has been crafted by people with a passion for what they do, and who strive to produce high quality candles for you to enjoy. 

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